The Easiest Ways To Save Energy At Home

We all the know that cutting down on energy use is not only good for your wallet, but for the planet. Despite this, many people are concerned that cutting back on their energy use will change their lifestyle. What some don’t know is that there are many simple ways that you can reduce the amount of energy you use everyday, while still leading a normal life. So what are the easiest ways to make changes that will reduce your carbon footprint? Check out our list to find out the best ways to save!

  1. Change or clean the air filter in your furnace once a month. When particles like dust and dirt collect on your filter, it can quickly clog. This makes your furnace use more energy to maintain the temperature. Keeping it clean will ensure it is always running the most efficiently. Setting a monthly reminder on your phone is a great way to make sure you do not forget.
  2. Use a programmable thermostat. Programable thermostats are great because you can set them and forget them. Try reducing the heat 10 degrees when you are at the office during the day, or while you are sleeping at night. This small change can help you to save 10% off your heating bill
  3. Cover hard wood/ tile floors with area rugs. This is a fairly simple change that can quickly make your home feel warmer, without touching the thermostat.
  4.  Use black out- insulating curtains. Black out curtains are great because they keep the sun out. This not only helps you sleep longer, but will keep the house cooler in the warmer months.
  5. Take showers instead of baths. A ten minute shower on average will use less water than a full bath, and reducing the temperature of the water slightly will help you save even more on your energy costs.
  6. Air dry dishes after using the dishwasher. Skip the heated dry feature, and let your dishwasher sit open overnight while your kitchen is not in use.
  7. Don’t leave the fridge door open. Up to 30 percent of cold air can escape when you open it, so plan what you will take out ahead of time. When putting things back, try to do so in one single trip
  8. Switch to compact fluorescent light bulbs. Fluorescent bulbs use about 75 percent less energy than traditional incandescents. Though they may cost slightly more, they last 10 times longer!
  9. Unplug any electrical device when you are not using it. Most appliances, draw power even when turned off. Make sure to unplug items as soon as you are finished using them. Keeping the kitchen counter free of appliances when not in use is a great way to reduce clutter and save energy.
  10. Wash you clothes in cold water. Not only does this save you more on energy, but it also can help colors from fading, and keep your clothes looking their best for longer.

All of these tips are easy ways to save money and every without making drastic changes in your home or lifestyle. We hope these ideas will help you to look at the way you use energy every day and make better choices to save!