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SEA’s conservation programs help low-income families and the environment.

SEA Care and Conserve featured during Sustainability Week at City Hall

SEA Care and Conserve programs featured during Sustainability Week at Atlanta City Hall

SEA weatherization program featured on WAGA

SEA is featured on WSBTV Channel 2 with Clark Howard

SEA Featured on Clark Howard

FGTV covers weatherization

Mayor Shirley Franklin announces results of fundraising efforts for the Care & Conserve Program in Atlanta’s faith based community. Shown with Mayor Franklin are Councilmember Cletta Winslow, SEA Executive Director, Lila A. Blake, SEA staff Linda Buford and Kim Davis, State Representative and SEA Board Member JoAnn McClinton and Rev Joseph Roberts. SEA Board Member Larry M. Dingle and Department of Watershed Management Commissioner Robert Hunter are in the back row.

SEA Mayor Check

Left to Right: Exectutive Director Lila A. Blake, SEA Boardmember Larry M. Dingle, Mayor Shirley Franklin and SEA Board Member Representative JoAnn McClinton.

SEA with Mayor Shirley Franklin

Print Media

SEA featured in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Atlanta retiree Juanita Fails had an inoperable bathroom until Southeast Energy Assistance refurbished it. She is one of more than 36,000 people who have benefited from the agency’s work.

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SEA in the Atlanta Journal Constitution

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Our Mission

The mission of Southeast Energy Assistance (SEA) is to provide direct assistance to improve the living and housing conditions of low-income families through conservation programs.

“During my term as Mayor of the City of Atlanta, [SEA] delivered one of the most effective City-sponsored programs for low-income citizens, particularly the elderly...I continue to be a strong supporter of SEA’s work.” - Andrew Young

SEA's programs are intended for people living at the poverty level. Priority is given to the elderly and handicapped and statistically, of those served, 80% are female heads of household, 86% are elderly and 95% are minorities. SEA has a history of service to Atlanta's low-income community since 1978.

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