5 Easy Ways To Save Energy In The Bathroom

Saving energy can seem like a difficult task, but you’d be surprised how easy it can be! Here a the 5 easiest ways to save energy in your bathroom, and we promise you will hardly notice these small tweaks!

Water Off While You Brush Your Teeth

You would be suprised how many people leave the water turned on while they brush their teeth. It is one of the biggest drains on our water sources, and is such a simple thing to change. Simply turn it on and off as you need to rinse, and you’ll save gallons within your first week!

Skip The Shampoo

Men especially shower more often than necessary. If you don’t want to give up frequent showering, you can save energy by limiting your shampooing to every other shower. This will save you upwards of five minutes shower time, which can really add up! Plus your hair needs a break from washing, since natural oils are great for your scalp.

Use Long Lasting Hair Products

It may seem like common since, but the longer your hair style is cooperating with you, the longer you’ll be able to go without shampooing. For gals try using dry shampoo and a quality hold mouse to keep locks in place, and guys should try one of the best pomade options for their hair type. These small changes will up your style game while saving energy!

Turn The Water Temp Down Slightly

Just modifying your scorching hot shower by bringing down the temperature slightly really helps. Not only will it save precious energy, but taking cooler showers is actually better for you skin too! Win win!

Use Your Blow Dryer On The Cool Setting

This is a great trick to save some energy, and your hair at the same time. Using a lower heat setting on your blow dryer will save your hair from damage, keep you cooler during hot months, and slash the price on your energy bill!