The Importance of Energy in Low-Income Communities

Energy is vital to most of our daily lives. From heating to illumination, energy provides essential benefits to our citizens.

That’s why it’s important for energy to be affordable to low-income communities.

Living just above the poverty line in America can be extremely difficult and we are committed to bringing more affordable energy solutions to all those areas that wouldn’t normally have access to them.

Additionally, SEA has the unique opportunity to transition those low-income communities to renewable energy sources which are more granular and thus more efficient (i.e. the distance between energy generation and consumption is reduced, saving energy that would be lost in transit, mainly through heat).

That’s why solar and wind power have helped spur a revolution in low cost energy. And of course, the energy created this way is “clean” — it doesn’t introduce any additional CO2 in the atmosphere. Of course the production of the solar panels and the wind turbines do have a carbon footprint, but, over the life of these devices, the benefits greatly offset the environmental costs. And once the production of those is completely powered with renewable sources, everything will be completely “clean”.

What this means to low-income communities is that energy is going to get greener and cheaper by the day.

We are fully committed to help struggling communities to make the transition to renewable, low cost energy sources.