Main Sources Of Energy Consumption In Homes

The United States has always loved energy. After it’s invention, we never really slowed down our use of electricity. But have you ever wondered what you are probably using the most energy on? Check out our breakdown of the top sources of energy consumption in the U.S homes.

The number one source of energy consumption in U.S home is space cooling. On average 13% of the homes total energy usage is dedicated to space cooling. This includes HVAC systems, A/C window units, and fans. It may surprise you to see that more of the budget is spent on space cooling than on space heating, but in fact more energy is needed to cool homes in the United States. One way to reduce your consumption in the category is to turn your thermostat up a few degrees when not at home during hot months. Another is to take advantage of your thermostat timer settings and make your system use less energy when you are not home.

The second largest use of energy in homes takes 11% of your budget: Lighting. This includes lamps, overhead lights, outdoor lighting etc. Most people are in a habit of turning on a light as soon as they walk into a room, and do not take advantage of the natural light they have inside. One way to reduce your consumption in this category would be to use motion lights outdoors, which only turn on when you need, and shut off later. Another way would be to simply remember to turn on lights as soon as you leave a room!

The third biggest source of energy consumption in united states homes counts for about 9% of the total bill: Water Heating. This category includes hot showers, your coffee maker, even your heated toilet seat if it has a bidet function! You may not even realize how many appliances you have use hot water! One way to cut down of this expense is to do simple things like wash your clothes in cold water instead of hot or warm. Not only will your clothes last longer, but you will see a cost savings on that energy bill!

Thanks for reading about the main sources of energy consumtion in your home, and best of luck in your energy conservation efforts!