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5 Easy Ways To Save Energy In The Bathroom

Saving energy can seem like a difficult task, but you’d be surprised how easy it can be! Here a the 5 easiest ways to save energy in your bathroom, and we promise you will hardly notice these small tweaks! Water Off While You Brush Your Teeth You would be suprised how many people leave the […]

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Main Sources Of Energy Consumption In Homes

The United States has always loved energy. After it’s invention, we never really slowed down our use of electricity. But have you ever wondered what you are probably using the most energy on? Check out our breakdown of the top sources of energy consumption in the U.S homes. The number one source of energy consumption […]

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The Impact of High Energy Density Batteries

It’s now 2017 and battery technology has really made leaps and bounds in the last few years. Energy storage is a really important part of the equation when it comes to moving away from fossil fuels and to renewable sources. This is particularly true in the case of solar energy: the sun doesn’t shine 24hrs […]

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The Easiest Ways To Save Energy At Home

We all the know that cutting down on energy use is not only good for your wallet, but for the planet. Despite this, many people are concerned that cutting back on their energy use will change their lifestyle. What some don’t know is that there are many simple ways that you can reduce the amount […]

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The Importance of Energy in Low-Income Communities

Energy is vital to most of our daily lives. From heating to illumination, energy provides essential benefits to our citizens. That’s why it’s important for energy to be affordable to low-income communities. Living just above the poverty line in America can be extremely difficult and we are committed to bringing more affordable energy solutions to […]

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Our Mission

The mission of Southeast Energy Assistance (SEA) is to provide direct assistance to improve the living and housing conditions of low-income families through conservation programs.

“During my term as Mayor of the City of Atlanta, [SEA] delivered one of the most effective City-sponsored programs for low-income citizens, particularly the elderly...I continue to be a strong supporter of SEA’s work.” - Andrew Young

SEA's programs are intended for people living at the poverty level. Priority is given to the elderly and handicapped and statistically, of those served, 80% are female heads of household, 86% are elderly and 95% are minorities. SEA has a history of service to Atlanta's low-income community since 1978.

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